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Black Tartartian - Prunus Avium

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Prunus Avium

Black Tartartian

A very popular species of sweet cherry, the black Tartarian makes a great choice for home orchards. It produces large, purplish-black fruit with a sweet, rich, full-bodied flavor that is great for fresh eating and preserves. This cultivar is also the best pollinator for other dark sweet cherries.

  • »  Popular, early-bearer blooms prolifically to yield large, cherry-red to purplish-black fruit
  • »  Sweet, rich flavor is irresistible; perfect for fresh-eating and juice
  • »  Ideal pollinator for other sweet cherries

Robust and productive! Ripens in late June

15 ft
15 ft
Edible Fruit
Attracts PollinatorsCold TolerantEdibleHeat TolerantStaff FavoriteFull Sun