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Firebird Crabapple - Malus ''Firebird''

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Malus ''Firebird''

Firebird Crabapple

A distinctive ornamental tree which features fragrant white flowers which open from red buds in spring followed by red fruit in fall, distinctly horizontal branching habit is very attractive; needs well-drained soil and full sun, makes a great accent.

  • »  Covered in stunning clusters of fragrant white flowers mid spring, emerge from distinctive rose flower buds before the leaves
  • »  Fruits are showy red pomes carried in abundance in fall
  • »  Dark green foliage all season, turn yellow in fall

Rough brown bark and brick red branches add an interesting dimension to the landscape.

10 ft
10 ft
Shade & Ornamental Trees
Attracts Humming-birdsAttracts SongbirdsEdibleStaff FavoriteFull SunAverage Water

#20 T2551