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Dwarf Arctic Willow - Salix purpurea 'Nana'

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Salix purpurea 'Nana'

Dwarf Arctic Willow

Dwarf Blue Leaf Arctic Willow has bluish-green foliage throughout the season. The narrow leaves turn a beautiful yellow in fall. The smooth bark and deep purple branches add an interesting dimension to the landscape.

  • »  Beautiful and popular garden shrub with fine foliage, fine whip-like branches and a consistent, rounded habit of growth
  • »  Quite hardy, takes pruning well
  • »  Narrow leaves turn yellow in fall
  • »  Use for its form and texture to create interest in the garden

5 - 6 ft
5 - 6 ft
4 - 8
Shrubs Flowering
Fast GrowingGreat FoliageLow MaintenanceStaff FavoriteFull SunMoist, Well-Drained

#2 S2410