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Swamp White Oak - Quercus bicolor

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Quercus bicolor

Swamp White Oak

This oak tree displays a dense oval shape in youth that matures into more of a symmetrical round shape. Its leaves are whitish on the underside and green on the top sides. Branches reach in an upward fashion during its youth and middle age but the canopy becomes more rounded as the tree matures. In autumn, the leaves turn a brown color but keep the whitish color underneath.

  • »  Large shade tree, upright spreading habit of growth, extremely tough and adaptable to wet conditions but not tolerant of alkaline soils, rather slow growing
  • »  Acorns attract squirrels
  • »  Glossy lobed leaves turn coppery-bronze in fall

Best in larger landscapes and parks

50 - 60 ft
50 - 60 ft
Shade Trees
Attracts SongbirdsCold TolerantDrought TolerantLow MaintenanceStaff FavoriteFull Sun