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Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce - Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa'

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Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa'

Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce

This charming, globe-shaped evergreen shrub is dwarf, flat-topped and densely branched. The bright blue needles hold their color all year long, but are a brighter hue in summer. Provides a unique accent for that special spot in the garden.

  • »  Small, dense globe-shaped shrub, as a mounded form that eventually becomes a compact & dense Christmas tree-like shape
  • »  Intensely attractive blue needles emerges silvery blue in spring, remain blue throughout the winter
  • »  Adaptable and hardy

Excellent choice for form and color in the garden

4 - 5 ft
5 - 6 ft
2 - 8
Cold TolerantDrought TolerantEvergreenGreat FoliageLow MaintenanceRock Garden

#5 E1850