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Blue Arrow Juniper - Juniperus scopulorum 'Blue Arrow'

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Juniperus scopulorum 'Blue Arrow'

Blue Arrow Juniper

An improved selection with tight, bright blue foliage and a very narrow, upright form. Perfect as a tall, narrow screen where space is limited. Makes a colorful addition to the garden. Produces silvery blue berries from late spring to late winter.

  • »  Extremely narrow & upright small evergreen, showy powdery-blue foliage & blue berries
  • »  Adaptable to dry soils, needs full sun
  • »  Excellent for color, articulation or screening, makes a curious, almost formal tall evergreen hedge

Scale-like leaves, highly ornamental & remain blue throughout winter. Produces silvery blue berries, late spring to winter.

12 - 15 ft
3 - 4 ft
3 - 7
EvergreenFast GrowingLow MaintenanceStaff FavoriteDeer ResistantFull Sun

#10 E0970